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Documentary Photography

Food waste in the UK

This project aims to document food waste production in the UK – the causes, the consequences and the solutions. I’ve created a dedicated site, hoping to build a resource on the subject

Green Suge - Documentary Photography by Chris King

Green Surge

Recently there has been a surge in support the Green Party in the UK, so in the run-up to the general elections, I decided to document some of the new members of the Green Party


Age Dispute

This project was done in collaboration with the Refugee Council, and aimed to explore the daily life of child refugees and asylum-seekers who have their age disputed by the British Home Office

Portrait Photography
Chris King - Parkour Portrait Photography


Be it in an abandoned estate in the heart of London, or in the comfort of your own home, a photo shoot tailored for your specific needs at a location of your choosing

Chris King - Model Portrait Photography

In a Studio

If you want your shots taken in a controlled environment, with a defined aesthetic in mind, then we can organise a studio shoot to cater for your exact needs.

Chris King - Commission Portrait Photography


For professional portrait photography, whether on-location or in a studio – head shots or dynamic portraits, I can cater for your photographic needs

Multimedia Production
Chris King - Multimedia Producer

Clinical Trials

Commissioned by Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, this production was created to promote participation in clinical research trials

Chris King - Multimedia Producer

Food Waste

This piece was created to promote the Food Is… website, which documents the issues around and solutions to food waste in the UK

Chris King - Multimedia Producer

Gleaning in the UK

Supermarkets impose strict cosmetic standards on farmers, leaving perfectly edible food to go to waste – that’s where the gleaners come in

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