Portrait of a new Green Party member and part of the Green Surge project by Photographer Chris King

Documentary & Portrait Photographer and Video Producer

I have always been someone with an insatiable curiosity, and someone who questions and reflects on everything I see and hear. Consequently I really enjoy finding out about what makes people tick, and as a photographer, I strive to capture a fleeting glimpse into the soul of the person I am photographing.

Having spent most of my adult life involved in trying to create positive change on some level and to some degree – be it as a grassroots activist campaigning about climate change at a time when most people had never heard of such a thing, or carrying out an impact assessment of a water program implemented by a disaster relief organisation in remote parts of Cambodia – I am drawn to using my camera as a tool to engage and inform people through visual storytelling, and to bring attention to under-reported stories – on my doorstep and beyond.

To try and nurture and promote visual storytelling within others, as well within myself, and to support those who would also like to carry out photographic projects of a documentary nature, I have established a London-based group, a website and a podcast dedicated to doing just that – documentaryphotoreview.com

I have also created a dedicated website for one of my ongoing documentary photography projects – in an attempt to create a more effective platform via which i can help inform people of the solutions to reducing food waste, as well as about the problems with and implications of wasting edible food – foodiswasted.com