Food Waste Warriors

Project Description

My Food Waste Warriors work came about through my ongoing exploration of the issue of food waste, which I’ve been documenting since 2014.

The people portrayed in the images are all contributing in some way to the fight against avoidable food waste. Some are volunteers who give their time to initiatives such as the Gleaning Network, who visit farms post-harvest to gather food left on the trees or in the ground, which would otherwise go to waste. This food is then redistributed to local charities working with vulnerable members of the community. While others are entrepreneurs who are also rescuing food but then converting into something they can then sell on.


If you would like to participate in my Food Waste Warriors project, fill in the form below, and I will be in touch to organise meeting up. If you’re based outside of London, please do register your interest, and if I know I will be in your area, I will contact ahead of time to organise a meeting.